Cool! Shazam Is Developing A Fashion ID App…Kind Of

CORRECTION: It has come to our attention that Shazam is not developing a fashion ID app, but are instead innovating their TV recognition technology that allows users to Shazam television to get brand and merchandise info.
In today's world we Google our questions, Instagram our surroundings, and Swiffer our floors. Brand names that become verbs are few and far between. Their influence extends beyond the browser and into our daily vernacular. Not too long ago, we'd resort to Googling splices of song lyrics we heard on the radio to get the song title and artist info. Today we Shazam it. The mobile app has revolutionized the way we go about discovering, downloading, and purchasing our music. Now the guys behind the über successful app are looking to change the way we shop for clothes — specifically through television.
Say you're watching Rihanna perform on SNL and you really love the camo jacket she's wearing. Instead of going through the tedious task of combing through various fashion blogs, Google searches, and online stores, you simply hold up your smartphone, Shazam RiRi, and within seconds you're directed to the store it came from — and debating whether or not you can afford it. The technology for image recognition is still in development, but Shazam's CEO Andrew Fisher confirms in a comment to The Guardian that the technology for ID'ing an outfit on TV does in fact exist. Shazam has incorporated a commercial element with its TV tag that allows users to get cast bios, show trivia, and merchandise information on 160 US channels. Plus, it's more than simply learning who wore what to what; it's about increasing brand engagement — making the user a consumer. Right now, Shazam links to iTunes in the hope that the user will then purchase and download the track. That same mindset is going into innovating their TV tag technology. This could either be a blessing or a curse for our bank accounts. Oh well, at least our closets will be happy. (Telegraph)
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Photo: Courtesy of Shazam.

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