New Web Series Accidentally Highlights The Bad Side Of Style Blogging

There are certain experiences in a person's life that define her forever. Traumas that never go away, wounds that never heal. And watching this video.
It's an entirely fictional web series developed by, the gateway drug for personal style blogs, and it's creatively titled Lookbook: The Series. Based on the idea that style blogging is moving toward video, the site wanted to do something "different," and so decided to give scripted video a try. Reps told The Hollywood Reporter that, among other things, this is supposed to be their "little House of Cards.” Needless to say, things didn't really pan out.
The worst part? This confirms some of fashion's worst stereotypes — that the industry is made up of vapid people with zero ambition who like uploading pictures of ourselves. Does that exist in reality? Yes — and all the more so because of the success of amazing, creative people like Garance Doré and Susie Bubble. But just as those sources of inspiration defy the stereotype, so do many others. Which is why we firmly believe that this idea isn't representative — and it shouldn't be glorified.
If the star's Kristen Stewart grimaces and indifference to her brother's friendly welcome are supposed to differentiate her from the manipulative, shallow antagonist, it's not working. There's definitely an art to really good style blogging (whether you're focusing on personal outfits or street style), but we're not buying that this girl is some kind of creative genius just because she put on a scarf and OMG, it changed everything. If it's that easy, you're doing it wrong.

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