Need A Head Start In Hollywood? "Go Brunette" Says Olivia Wilde

Tinseltown in teeming with misconceptions — but, hey, what do you expect from a city built upon the business of wild imaginations? Some stereotypes, granted, are well-deserved, while others are just plain false. Case in point: Olivia Wilde is rightfully bummed about Hollywood's enduring views on hair color.
Based on her experiences in the casting world, the actress says she's been treated differently depending on how she treated her locks. Before The O.C., she was an up-and-coming blonde beauty who was offered very few roles with substance. But, tides changed when she toyed with the tone of her tresses, going darker and eventually landing auditions for parts as a doctor or "a waitress with a heart of gold, and a tough life" as opposed to "the really pretty girl" or "the sexy hot chick." Her conclusion? She tells Into The Gloss that the perception of brunettes as being more intellectual is still very much alive and well — which has us scratching our heads, considering there are plenty of powerful women (Hillary Clinton, for one) who go light and manage to land some of the world's most powerful jobs.
Click on over to learn more about Wilde's hair history (trust, it's lengthy!), and let us know — actress or not — have you ever been treated differently due to a dye job? (Into The Gloss)
Photo: Via Into The Gloss

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