Are Your Skinny Jeans Not Skinny Enough? AE Has The Solution

You want to be the type of creative individual that's able to text message your friends as a declaration of your individuality, skateboard around in a truly genuine, authentic way, and play the guitar by your parents' pool to express yourself…. If only your too-baggy skinny jeans didn't always get in way of your pursuit. Sometimes, skinny isn't skinny enough — so what's a unique, special snowflake like yourself supposed to do?
If you like your pants real tight, check out American Eagle's new skinny skinny, which are so skintight, so body-hugging, so sprayed-on looking…oh, wait. The paint jeans come in two hues (indigo and bright light) and retail for $49.95 on Check out the video below for the big reveal (and then on the product link to buy if you're still a little confused).
In other news, when is the 1st of April again?

AE Skinny Skinny Jean, $49.95, available at

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