Some Not-So-Great News On Bikini Waxing

We know that spring is just around the corner and with it comes warm weather, skirts, and — for a lucky few — a vacation. Travel season is often a quick call to attention for all those grooming habits we've let slide over the cold months, with a quick painless trip to the spa. The Brazilian wax has recently been cited as the main cause for the near-extinction of pubic lice, but going bare down there might have some other, unforeseen consequences.
French researchers have found that pubic grooming increases the chances of contracting warts. "Micro-trauma" on the skin caused by the grooming process makes the skin more vulnerable to the pox virus called Molluscum, which is a fancy term for water warts. According to The Telegraph , this condition is common in children because it's easy to spread through skin contact, but research is showing that it can be sexually transmitted, too. After analyzing a private skin clinic's records, the researchers found 30 cases of the virus...and only two were found in patients who didn't engage in serious pubic grooming.
The last bit of research is a head scratcher. In the survey, 24 of the 30 cases were found in men. Obviously, the research findings are more important and definitely things to consider before scheduling that Brazilian appointment. No one is saying that pubic warts are caused by waxing, but irritated skin coming in contact with the Molluscum virus is probably not a great idea. Dudes, that means you too, because the Brazilian may be on its way out, but the Brozilian is most definitely in. Turns out they could be doing more damage to your body than that brief sting of wax. (Jezebel)
Photo: Courtesy UNI K Wax Center.
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