Scandalous & So Daring: Tom Hardy’s Sub-Zero (Almost) Skinny Dip

We almost couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw the video of Tom Hardy stepping into a Siberian minus-a-million centigrade dipping pool. Surely, there are people one can pay to do that sort of thing for you, when you’ve reached the dizzy heights of success that an actor such as Tom Hardy has risen to? Yes, but then the Brit actor has never been known to do anything by halves.
The fearless actor found himself in Siberia as part of a series he is making for the Discovery channel called Driven To Extremes. He has teamed up with Formula One driver Mika Salo, to drive through the world’s most dangerous roads. One such road was in Siberia where the pair tested out how long they could manage the water’s arctic conditions. Approximately thirty seconds, as any more would have resulted in the two men's hospitalization. It gives us an all-over-ice-cream-headache just thinking about it. (Digital Spy)
Photo: Via The Sun

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