SERIOUSLY? Meet The ePad Femme, And Get Ready To Rage

Heads up, we're a bit ticked off. Just when you think, perhaps, we've reached a point where women can safely assume a level of respect and the world has evolved past a general perspective of misogyny — the ePad Femme "tablet for women" comes along.
At last, ladies, you too can have a tablet device, thanks to the Eurostar Group creating a simpler, pinker version to suit your delicate sensibilities. And don't worry about downloading apps (they know how much trouble you have with that). The ePad Femme comes pre-loaded with all you could possibly desire! There's a grocery-list app, a pregnancy app, recipe apps, and, best of all, the Women's Assistant, offering weight-loss tips at a moment's notice — finally!
Says Mani Nair, Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group (who initially touted this as a Valentine's Day gift), "It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications." Indeed, just like the BIC pens for women, we're sure the female population is grateful for this pastel, dumbed-down advancement in technology.
Feminist writers in the Middle East (where this product was developed) are speaking out against this offensive absurdity, and, thankfully, only 7,000 units have been sold so far. Still, the fact that something so outrageous has even gotten that far is enough to make our blood boil. We can't even count the number of offensive connotations this device implies (maybe it's our hormones, or the fact that this article just isn't pink enough). So, please, do tell us your thoughts on the ePad Femme. And, feel free to tell Eurostar, too. (Ars Technica viaMashable)
Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures

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