UPDATE: No, Emma's Not Doing Fifty Shades

UPDATE: We're letting go of this rumor once and for all. Ms. Watson has vehemently denied it and pointed out that it's a totally ridiculous rumor. The End. Maybe you haven't heard, but a bunch of Hollywood's good girls are going bad. First Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens kiss their innocent Disney personalities goodbye with each DayGlo bikini donned in Spring Breakers. Next we'll catch Emma Watson of Harry Potter stardom leading a pack of fame-obsessed celebrity larcenists in Sofia Coppola's highly anticipated film, The Bling Ring. Now it seems that a once-popular rumor about the very same Ms. Watson may actually be true.
While it hasn't been confirmed by Watson, her agent, or the movie studio, the infamous hacker collective known as Anonymous has some pretty solid proof that the star will take on the role of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. The group reports they found files containing evidence she'll play the film's BDSM submissive lead after tapping into German movie studio Constantin's database. In case you're wondering why that means anything at all, it might be significant because the studio is part of an umbrella group with Summit Entertainment, which distributes through Dreamworks. It's not clear whether these companies are involved with the production of the film, but Watson also recently dropped out of her role in another project, fueling the fire once more.
If this is true, Watson has definitely shed her book-worm wizarding days at Hogwarts for lessons in leather, chains, and domination. Perhaps The Bling Ring and her upcoming lead in Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and Beast remake are her way of easing us into the more mature Emma Watson lurking beneath her youthful facade? Knowing her (well, not personally...yet), she'll graduate into Hollywood's big leagues with absolute grace. (Oh No They Didn't!)
Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Emma Watson.

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