We Catch Up With The Stars Of Spring Breakers At SXSW

With an all-star cast and enough buzz to make you go deaf, Spring Breakers is already one of the most-talked-about movies of 2013. Under the steady hand of Harmony Korine, this promised to be a lot more than your average teen flick — and, if you ask us, it delivered. Since you've probably already bought your tickets and are possibly waiting outside the theater in line right now, why not dig a little deeper into this genre-bending film? We chatted with Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and Harmony himself at the SXSW premiere about being badass, working with Disney stars, and obviously, spring break.

Ashley Benson, Britt
In the previews, you seem like the badass of the group. How much of a badass are you in real life?

"I’m not. I watched the film and was like, “Who is that?” That’s why it was so much fun! I got to play a completely different character and I really got into it because I’ve never done something like this. It was very fun."

How was the taste of independent cinema?

"It was so awesome."

Do you think you might want to do another indie movie?

"Of course. I've been on Pretty Little Liars for the past four years where you have to stick to the script, and you can't put your opinion in. With an indie film — with Harmony I got to improv the whole time. It was so amazing. I definitely want to do more independent films. I think they're more raw, they're more real, and you get more material to work with than just the happy-go-lucky scripts."

Did you go back and watch Kids or Gummo?

"I watched Kids, but I haven't seen any of his other movies. With Kids I was literally like, 'woah…' I got on set and thought how amazing this was."

Photo: Courtesy of Muse Productions.

Rachel Korine, Cotty
How did you feel being the veteran actress in the House of Korine compared to the ex-Disney actresses in Spring Breakers? "My number one goal, like Harmony, is to make the film as great as it can be. I felt an almost maternal role in making everyone feel comfortable and safe."

Did you guys bond?

"Yeah! I think that's the most important element of the film — the dynamic between the girls. We had to really form a friendship in order for this to work on screen."

Do you have any spring break horror stories?

"No! I never went on spring break. I always wanted to, but my parents were too strict. So, this was my chance to do it."

Photo: Courtesy of Muse Productions.

Harmony Korine, Director
Why did you make this movie now? Why did you choose such highly recognizable actresses?

"I made the movie just 'cause I felt like I had the idea, really. It wasn't anything I had been saving for years. I just had the idea and wrote it. As far as the girls — I wanted to work on this film with these girls because in some ways they are representative of a kind of pop mythology."

I'm personally really excited to see this narrative play out because — I was going to say it's ruining middle America by exposing them to the darkness. Do you think it has that element?

"Yeah, definitely. It's more of a feeling. It's me reflecting on those things. It's more of a reinterpretation of all that stuff."

Photo: Courtesy of Muse Productions.

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