Bobbi Brown Is So Over Botox

In a recent interview with Telegraph UK, beauty mogul Bobbi Brown stayed true to her less-is-more beauty philsophy by taking a stance on the hot-button topic of Botox.
Despite the fact that fillers and the like seem to be becoming a part of women's regular beauty routines, Brown argues that the key to ageless beauty is good skin care, rather than altering the muscles of the face. She credits her simple SPF 25 moisturizer as the product that makes the biggest difference in her complexion. However, the makeup artist is not completely against other trendy beauty innovations: "I think we’ll all soon be having a lot more laser treatments instead that don’t alter the way you look, but do improve the texture of your skin and help you look healthy."
We're definitely glad to hear that Brown's commitment to natural-looking beauty goes beyond her expertise with neutral makeup hues. In a beauty industry that's always looking for the next big thing, we'd say that Brown's simple philosophy speaks for itself, as the brunette beauty always looks gorgeous — and doesn't seem to have aged in years.
What's your take on Brown's skin-care philosophy? Does your beauty routine fall into the minimalist or the maximalist camp? (Telegraph UK)
Photo: Via Telegraph UK

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