Who Is The Crazy Person In Charge Of Playtex Advertising?

Something is going on over at Playtex. Either the maker of feminine-hygiene products and drugstore bras is missing something, or we are. There's always a chance they're in on some incredibly ironic joke that we just can't wrap our heads around. The first time they ran a bewildering ad campaign, we weren't sure. But this time around, we're leaning more towards WTF.
The brand just released the latest ad for its adult version of Wet Wipes, which are supposed to be Fresh + Sexy. That's why it makes perfect sense that known sweaty person Andrew WK would be the spokesperson! Seriously, though, maybe they are trying to prove that their wipes are so fresh — so sexy — that even this guy can benefit from the product. That's a bold claim, indeed.

Photo: Courtesy of Playtex.

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