Can't Get Beyoncé Tickets? Where There's A Gun, There's A Way

A recent proposal under review by the New York Police Department is uniting two of our most passionate causes: Gun control and the reduction of gun-related violence, and spreading the love of the all-powerful Beyoncé. Michael Williams, (not to be confused with Michelle Williams), head of production company Family Tree Entertainment, is attempting to launch a gun buyback program in conjunction with the NYPD in exchange for the town's most exclusive ticket.
Naturally, we're talking about a chance to see the Superbowl performer live — despite the addition of multiple additional shows, Beyoncé's tour stop at the Barclays Center next August has sold out over and over again, to the great despair of us many. Bey herself hasn't signed on yet to the scheme, but, as Yahoo! News reports, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is on board, at least in theory: "We need to get as many guns off the streets, and if this works, we’d like to support it.” A reasonable man, indeed.
The proposal is still under review, but this wouldn't be that far off from the current guns-for-cash program in place. Of course, it would require Beyoncé to effectively make a bold public statement about gun control, but that doesn't seem to go against her loving, liberal rhetoric at all. There are logistical issues, however. Among them, what kind of heat do you have to pack to get a front row seat in this city? This whole thing just begs the unfortunate question: Is it easier to get your hands on a gun than to score Beyoncé tickets? If NYC gun ownership suddenly sees a sharp spike and then an immediate steep drop, we'll know the answer.
Photo: Courtesy of Gentlewoman.

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