David Beckham Has A Body Double. Is Nothing Sacred?

This may be an age of little faith, but there are still some things we thought we could really believe in, you know? Like David Beckham's leg muscles. A rallying point for faithful people everywhere. The latest video for his H&M underwear line only reaffirmed that unquestioning love...but it turns out it's all a lie.
Some internet super sleuths (presumably the same people who came up with this Kristen Stewart conspiracy theory) noticed some of Becks' tattoos were missing in certain shots in the vid. Then, they spotted a suspiciously similar specimen in some behind-the-scenes photos from the set. And that's where things started to unravel. An H&M spokesperson explained that "David was very involved in the advert, including doing most of the stunts. Due to the tightness of his schedule, a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."
Usually we don't believe this type of too-little, too-late apology. But in this case, we might just be inclined to accept. Beckham is, after all, a professional athlete — there's no way he'd actually have trouble with these stunts, right? So, maybe he's just busy. Yeah, let's go with that.

Photo: Courtesy of H&M.

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