Gross, But Don't Overthink It: A New Way To Deep-Clean Pores

UPDATE: As you may have noticed, the video's not displaying, for the moment. YouTube seems to be having some technical issues, but you can still watch the video tutorial here.
We've gone to great lengths to hide our pores. It's one of those things that nobody else notices, but our inner obsessive perfectionist just can't live with the knowledge that they're sitting there, being gross, all smug about it. But still, you've got to have principles. We wouldn't just put any old concoction on our face...right?
Well, we're starting to wonder if it's time to extend our comfort zone a little bit. This video by YouTube phenom Michelle Phan investigates kitty litter as a potential face mask/miracle treatment. Yes, she's serious. Turns out, the stuff your little furry friend loves so much is actually just bentonite clay, or volcanic ash (if you get the most basic, unscented variety). Now, both of those things sound like ingredients we'd find in some of those extra-pricey products, and the prospect of getting benefits like smaller, less visible pores and tighter skin for just a few bucks is just what we need to get over our initial disgust.
Watch this intriguing how-to, then tell us: Is this too crazy for you? Or would you do anything for clear skin?
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Video via YouTube/Image via Fresh Step.

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