And Now, Watch David Beckham Run In His Underwear (You’re Welcome)

Alright ladies, prepare thyself(s). After months of teasing, H&M has finally released its Guy Ritchie-directed video for the David Beckham Bodywear ad campaign. And rather than drinking that second (or third...or fourth) cup of coffee, we're just going to hit replay again...and maybe again (and one more time after that, too). Normally we'd sigh and empathize when someone gets locked out of their house, but today we're thanking the gods of domestic mishaps.
In the video, the footballer is stripped of his robe by a car that clearly has our best interests in mind. His dog then apparently locks him out of his house. (As dogs are wont to do.) What's left is a well-groomed David Beckham standing alone in his tiny briefs and tank with no where to go but after the robe-snatching car. And so begins Becks' lil' jaunt through Beverly Hills backyards and winding roads. He shows off a variety of skills often seen in Ritchie's fast-paced offerings: hurdling hedges, dodging landscapers, and an effortless front crawl through a swimming pool, all while wearing spa slippers. A man on a mission — it's all almost too much to handle. By the end of the minute-and-a-half clip, Beckham is left standing before a tourist bus as close to naked as possible (having thankfully lost his shirt jumping through some bushes) with no robe in sight. Oh well!
At the line's launch last year, Beckham noted, "I love underwear." Well Mr. Beckham, we love underwear, too. You know one thing we also love? David Beckham in underwear.

Video/Photo: Courtesy of H&M

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