Could It Be? Apple Rumored To Release 3 iPhones This Year!

There’s nothing like a juicy Apple rumor to lift our Monday spirits in a sec. And it looks like we have quite the tidbit to stew on this morning. It has recently been speculated that we could (and this is a very big could, guys) expect to see three new iPhones out this year — two of which might be released before June. Okay, didn't we just buy the iPhone 5 a second ago? But don’t get worked up in a tizzy just yet, right now it’s all just dangling carrots, and no real dates or confirmation have been set.
The insider info comes from a series of sources in Taiwan and China and from there was picked up on popular Mac blogs. The details? According to Business Insider, a 4-inch iPhone 5S and a new 4.8-inch iPhone called the iPhone Math are supposedly in the works, plus, for later in the year, another phone with a crazy, 12-megapixel camera. While it's nice to imagine that all of this swirling info is true, we won’t hold our breath until we’re actually clasping one of those suckers. (Business Insider)

Photo: Via AT&T

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