Trying to Shed That Holiday Weight? Twitter Might Be Your New Best Friend!

Good news for all you Twitter junkies — it looks as though the social-networking site might be the next big dieting fad! Dropping some post-holiday pounds while tweeting? Who knew?
Well, it’s not quite that simple, but according to Mashable and a report put out by researchers at the University of South Carolina’s School of Public Health, Twitter can actually help people lose weight by serving as a quick-access support system.
It turns out that making Twitter your BFF while enduring the whole workout/diet/juice cleanse process, results in the encouragement you need from others going through the same rigamarole. Makes sense, especially because it can be both pricey and time consuming to meet with a weight-loss support group or counselor weekly, but Twitter is there when ya need it — whether you want to tweet from the rooftops that you did an awesome spin class or you need a reminder that other people out there are just as sick of juicing as you are! Um, does this mean we can make one of our resolutions to tweet more? (Mashable)

Photo: Via Mashable