We Can’t Even: Snoop Dogg Has French Tips!

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic — whatever you want to call Calvin Broadus Jr., one thing cannot be denied: The man's got French tips. Yes, folks, Snoop himself posted to his Instagram account this picture featuring a blunt, a luxurious terrycloth robe, and a brand-new manicure that our beauty editor has confirmed is indeed of the French tip variety. As he says in the attached comment, "French tip for the french enhale." What exactly a "french enhale" is was lost on us. Indeed, we were stuck at "enhale," forget about a French one. Whatever, Snoop looks good (creepy, but good). Far be it from us to second guess a national treasure like him. Stay tuned for his upcoming appearance on R29 TV with a tutorial on how to get this sexy mani for a night on the town!

Image: Via Instagram/Snoopdogg