New Justin Timberlake Album! New Justin Timberlake Album!

Way to pull a fast one on the entire world, JT. We had just about given up hope that Justin Timberlake was ever going to step into the studio again. We mean, it's been six unsexy years since FutureSex/LoveSounds, and his acting career is going okay...we guess. But, lo and behold, today Timberlake announced that something would be happening at "9:01 a.m. PST."
Come the hour, come the man, JT posted the video below, a monologue describing how much effort and patience creating new music requires. The vid finishes off with the simple phrase, "I'm ready," followed by this simple countdown clock. Boom! Whatever's he dropping on us folks — a new single and album we presume — it'll be here in three days, 11 hours, 30 minutes and 33, 31, 30... Get ready.

Video: Via YouTube

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