Karl Lagerfeld Hasn’t Been To A Meeting In 31 Years…& Loves Texas

Karl Lagerfeld can do no wrong. Well, that's not really true. Still, as Chanel's head designer and creative director for almost 30 years, the fashion set is continuously waiting with bated breath to hear his latest sage advice or juicy one-liner. This time, though, Karl kept it clean in a generally friendly interview with WWD’s executive editor, Bridget Foley, at the trade mag's CEO Summit.
Though he considers himself a commercial designer, he does not concern himself with marketing. Or with meetings, for that matter: “I have never gone to a meeting in 31 years. In fact, 30 years is not true. It’s 31,” Lagerfeld admitted. Never one for modesty, Lagerfeld also admits that he’s at the top of the game. “They may say I do the right thing. Somebody may do it better, but I don’t know who for the moment,” Lagerfeld confessed. Let us know if you come up with someone, pal.
When asked about the importance of doing shows outside of Paris, Lagerfeld revealed that he plans on showing stateside...in our very own Longhorn state. “When you have a show with only a girl coming out of the door, crossing a runway, it’s okay for fashion freaks, but the public get bored very quickly. There has to be some magical surrounding. That’s why I went to Scotland to this castle where Mary Stuart was born, and it was quite a magical moment. To do the opposite, next time, in a year, I will go to Dallas. You know why? First of all, I love Texas. I love Texans." Now that might be the surprise of the century, considering it's coming from such a proud Frenchman. We're glad to know we can agree on something!
Hands down the best quote from the interview? “I listen to my inner voices, like a French male version of the Joan of Arc.” What do those voices tell you, Karl? We're dying to know. (WWD)
Image via Fashionista.

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