Cats In Hats? Elle And Dakota Fanning Sport Some Silly Headgear…

When it comes to dressing cutesy, star sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning have a little more leeway than the rest of us. With the hair, those eyes, and those rosy cheeks, they basically end up looking like porcelain dolls no matter what they're wearing and get away with it. Most of the time. In the pair's latest lookbook of precious pastels comes this slightly more questionable choice: Fuzzy cat hats, donned while shopping in Seoul, South Korea. Either the girls actually made space in their luggage for said accessories, or, lacking appropriate headgear, bought on impulse.
Presumably purchased from the same mall kiosk that sells these, the hats are a purr-fect representation of each girl's sartorial personality. While Dakota's iconic Hello Kitty is bold yet not too crazy, Elle's furry, pink topper is clearly influenced by some of her edgier work in the fashion department, including a Marc Jacobs campaign and this photoshoot.
The girls have put together some dubious looks in the past, but it's nothing we can't forgive, especially considering their many red-carpet hits. Most of all, we're psyched to see two starlets following their own tastes rather than simply obeying a stylist. What's your stance on this cutesy-kitschy getup? Too much, or can they pull it off? (The Huffington Post)

Image via The Huffington Post.

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