Not Shocking: Madge’s Stylist Hates Age-Appropriate Dressing

From material girl to Kabbalah queen, we challenge you to find another performer with more reinventions to their name than Madonna. Over the past couple of years, we've seen the 54-year-old in everything from head-to-toe lace to beaded butterflies — proving to fans that age is seriously nothing but a number. However, a HuffPost writer who once desperately sought Madge's style, isn't hung up on her latest antics, and took to the blog to chronicle her one-sided love affair. Naturally, the woman behind her recent red-carpet wares may have caught wind of the critique, and wasn't too pleased with the choice of words.
Arianne Phillips hit up Facebook just the other day with: "Why are women expected 2 act, dress & behave within standards we do not hold men to? ‘Age appropriate' is slavery to a culture gone wrong." We'd have to agree with Phillips that the consensus of older women needing to dress a certain way should disappear just as quickly as Madonna's relationship with Jesus Luz. But, since Madge is due for another fashion phase, don't you agree that the most shocking thing she could do would be to outfit herself like a true middle-aged woman — pearls, pleats, et al.? Think about it. (Style Network)

Photo: Via Style Network

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