Instagram Calms Nerves, Promises It Won't Sell Snaps

Update: It looks like Systrom's second draft of Instagram's Terms of Service didn't cut the mustard and the company is ditching the update altogether. Yesterday, he annouced via another blog post that the company's reverting back to the original version of the regulations, which were established back in 2010. (Huff Post)
This week, the Internet exploded with incessant, non-stop (yet justified) gripes about Instagram’s jarring new policy plans. Techies, photographers, stylephiles, models — you name it, expressed their frustration with the seemingly unfair soon-to-come system. Heck, even Coco Rocha and Nina Garcia lamented the lame rules.
Well, it looks like the photo-snap app is backpedaling a bit and retracting (or at least rephrasing) what the photo ownership 411 is all about. CEO Kevin Systrom assured users in a recent blog post that personal pics would not be used for ad-related purposes and that the jargon was fuzzy and easy to misinterpret. Although, these definitely aren't revoked regulations from Instagram, but more so clarification and modification on the facts that were supposedly misconstrued.
So, what’s your take on the debacle? Are you still fuming or are you now rethinking Instagram's plans, too? (Instagram)
Photo: Via Instagram

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