Demi Moore Brings A Homeless Kitty As Her Date To A Chanel Dinner

Some of us might think the "It item" to tote around a Chanel dinner would be a quilted bag — or, perhaps a hula hoop. However, according to Demi Moore, that would be wrong. What the quirky star chose to take to the Art Basel Chanel dinner was a small, apparently homeless kitten, which Moore proceeded to cuddle and pet throughout the evening.
Several things: Hopefully, the small feline didn't have fleas. Also, to be brought into the warm, luxe glow of a celebrity-laden Chanel dinner and then unceremoniously left behind (arguably back on the streets from whence it came) sounds a little harsh. And while this particular writer is known for her love of cats, bringing one into an eating environment isn't exactly thoughtful to anyone with allergies.
Where did the kitty go? Is it really a stray? Hopefully, Moore has helped the little guy (look at his leg all sticking out!) find a permanent home. Anyway, at least now it can say it attended a Chanel dinner as Demi Moore's date, which is a pretty rare claim to fame in the cat-world. (NY Post)
Photo: BFA/David X Prutting

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