Alexander Wang Was Scared To Eat Lunch When He Worked At Vogue

Alexander Wang is one of those guys you just look at and think, "gee, he looks nice." You might not think that from his edgy, street-chic clothes, but that face? Pure sweetness. Which explains why, when he worked as an intern in the fashion closet at Vogue, he was trembling in his man-boots.
Wang said in an interview that he was "too nervous to even walk past Anna Wintour's office." Yeah, we'd probably feel the same way. But apparently the poor guy was too scared to leave the building for lunch lest he be caught away from his duties! With hard work, however, the young intern recovered: "I was in school at Parsons and I'd already interned at Teen Vogue, but this was a completely different experience...seeing the editors and stylists working with the clothes, seeing the product of all of that come together, it truly opened my eyes. My first day on the job, I was starving, but I was too scared to ask if it was all right to go have lunch. Even though all of the other interns working next to me went out and picked up lunch, I just kept working. Eventually, though, I started eating lunch."
If you've ever been an intern, you know the feeling. Should I go? Shouldn't I? Should I ask? Should I just hide under my chair until someone tells me what to do? Take this as a word of advice from someone who truly worked his way up from the very bottom. (Fashionologie)
Image via Fashionologie.

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