Um, Wow. Since When Does Lindsay Look This Gorgeous (& Polished)?

Lindsay Lohan is like a human embodiment of the term "roller coaster of emotions." Our love and continual referencing of Mean Girls sends us up; her legal troubles bring us down. Her unabashed lifestyle buoys us, while her lack of verbal filter knocks us back down again. So, when we see her pulled together and looking not just normal, but pretty darn good, we feel feelings. Incomprensible, hard-to-describe feelings. Like, a battered puppy being offered a treat. Should we bite? Will a swat on the nose be our only reward for our trust? We don't know.
At last night's premiere for her upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, Lohan was, say, 90% there. Her copper hair makes her look healthier and more glamorous than her previous washed-out blonde. Her A.F. Vandevorst wrap evoked the type of luxury that Elizabeth Taylor embodied. And, on her pale skin, the silky floor-length Dona Daneshi slip looked classic — especially because that type of texture is so hard to keep from looking wrinkled. Her voluminous lashes, rosy cheeks, and an on-trend burgundy lipstick definitely was a heavy-handed makeup look, but for an over-the-top portrayal of an over-the-top star, it felt thematically right.
Of course, we did say 90%, because LiLo was guilty of one major misstep: With the luxe combination of fur and silk, did she really need that weird peekaboo bodice? Her dress had three cinched holes going down her breastbone, bedecked with jewels. With such a classic and glamorous look, this detailing took away from the pure simplicity. Here's hoping, in a similar vein, that her Lindsay-ness doesn't take away from a career-invigorating performance.
Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

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