The New “Friday” Is Here: Prepare For The Catchiness Of “Thanksgiving”

Do you remember, back when we were all young and naive, a catchy little tune by the one and only Rebecca Black called "Friday"? The song that seared its way into our collective consciousnesses with that fairly obvious pronouncement that, indeed, it is "Frii-day, Frii-day...!" Well, good for Rebecca; she's taken her viral fame and cheekily poked fun at in, appearing in Katy Perry videos or the Teen Choice Awards. So, fortunately for us, Ark Music, the music factory that produced Ms. Black's seminal hit, keeps turning out the jams.
Below is the thematically similar "Thanksgiving" video, where de facto and uncontroversial statements are made, like "December was Christmas, January was New Year’s, April was Easter, and the Fourth of July but now it’s Thanksgiving." (Similar to Rebecca's own counting of the weekdays, right?) Much like young singer Nicole Westbrook, we should present the facts of "Thanksgiving" (the song) as is. (However, unlike Nicole Westbrook, our analysis will not be accompanied by an irritatingly catchy techno beat.)

1. It is Thanksgiving.
2. Though "nothing is forbidden," we are strongly discouraged from being haters.
3. While this video does feature a grown man dressed as a turkey (producer Patrice Wilson) crashing a tween Thanksgiving party, it does not feature the unsafe driving in a convertible with no seatbelts that Black's video featured.
4. "Turkey! (Hey!)" "Mashed potatoes! (Hey!)" These are ingredients for a good time.

Hey, while this is kind of a musical atrocity, having kids singing about being thankful isn't the worst thing in the world. (As long as they do it quietly...)

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