Watch: Green-Haired Azealia Banks Rides A Dolphin In Her New Music Video

There are a few bets you can make about an Azealia Banks music video before even pressing play: She's gonna show off her unique dancing skills, she's going to make a nod to NYC, and she's gonna look badass. And, you guessed it, the same thing holds for her latest vid for her song "Atlantis." This time around, though, she steps out from her black-and-white New York frame and into an unworldly, intergalactic, aquatic fantasy — green hair and all. Thanks to director Fafi (a French graffiti artist) we see a much more playful, colorful side of Banks. It's kind of like a '90s club kid goes wild in the digital candy store, makes friends with some sea creatures, and adopts a bad attitude. The whole vibe is positively seapunk and born/bred of the internet. While this video embraces seapunk as trend-of-the-moment, unlike the Tumblr-created aesthetic, "Atlantis" has got staying power. In fact, we've got one more prediction: Just like AB's other singing installments, you'll be replaying this vid all. day. long. Watch below and tell us what you think in the comments. (High Snobette)
Video: Via YouTube

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