You Tell Us: Was Diane Sawyer Wasted Last Night?

Huzzah! The grueling marathon that was the 2012 election is finally over! Time to celebrate (and use the word huzzah in common parlance). Oh, wait, it seems Diane Sawyer may have gotten an early start.
If you didn't catch ABC News' Election Day coverage Tuesday night, you may have missed the veteran journalist slurring her words (Barack Orama, anyone?), slouching over in her chair right before commercial, queuing nonexistent music, and even inquiring about the importance of the exclamation point in Obama's slogan, "Forward!" That's what we call hard-bottle-hitting journalism, ya'll.
Interjections aside, you bet the Twitterverse immediately exploded with rumors of a schwasted Sawyer. And, thus, the handle @DrnkDianeSawyer was born, and even Big Bird had something to tweet.
In her defense, Sawyer, like most reporters on the politics beat, probably had little to no sleep in the last two days. After hours of working on live television, she must have been exhausted. And, we know all too well from experience that you can get a little loopy on a tired brain.
That said, Decision 2012 ain't over, folks. Watch the video, brought to you by TMZ, and tell us: Is Sawyer just drained and a little delirious, or was she throwing back the Pinot a little bit too early? Either way, we smell a SNL skit in the making.

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