New Slim-Down Trick Involves Wearing Jeans. That’s It? Count Us In!

There are a lot of crazy weight-loss schemes out there — and we're no less convinced by the usually awful, informercial-level marketing. But, a new trend is emerging that combines lazy-girl fitness and everyone's favorite wardrobe staple: weight-loss jeans! A number of brands have come out with denim that promises to prevent sagging, cellulite, and even help you on your quest to shed a few pounds.
One brand, Mohicano Jeans, has aloe vera, vitamin E, amino acids, and enzymes woven right into the fabric — things that supposedly reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks by promoting cell growth, collagen, and elastin. After wearing these jeans for 15 days (don't lie, you've done it before), skin's hydration should increase by 11.5%. The cosmetic properties are good for about 40 washes, after which you're left with a normal, though reasonably cute, pair of $85 jeans.
In a trial of 160 women, 2/3 said they noticed a change for the better over the course of four weeks of everyday wear. Other brands work on more or less the same principle and retail in the ballpark of $80 — though not all last as long as 40 washes, like the Eve jean by LeRock and its leg-shaping abilities, which only last for 28 days and retail for a full $275. (WWD)
What do you think of this gym-free fitness plan? Are you buying it?

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Photo: Courtesy of Gsus Jeans.

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