Miley Cyrus Gets A Drastic Haircut…AGAIN

The thing about drastic haircuts is that once you get one, you're done, right? Wrong. Instead of waiting for it to grow out over a period of several years before shocking the world once more, Miley Cyrus has chopped her already-short pixie cut into a mohawk. After she accidentally copied P!nk at the VMAs, maybe she was longing for something truly her own?
Miley is clearly in the midst of some kind of identity crisis. Totally understandable — we wouldn't want to be stuck as Hannah Montana forever, either! We're actually digging this bold look, plus her outfit is spot-on punk-chic. What's your status on her new look? Too much, or could you get used to this edgy, new girl-about-town? (The Huffington Post)
For a full history of Miley's various haircuts, check out the next page. There's a lot to learn.



UPDATE: We almost forgot about Miley's dramatic Twiggy P!nk haircut until
reminded us that, unlike Barbies but much like human beings, celebrity haircuts are just as permanent as regular ones. So, we thought we'd check in. How's it going, Miley's haircut? Are you on Twitter yet? Oh goodie, you are. And you're growing in nicely. Lookin' good. That's all. Love you, bye!

Image via @MileyCyrus

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In super-important world news, this morning we're talking Paul Ryan, Mohamed Morsi, and...Miley Cyrus' new haircut. But all jokes aside, this is a pretty big surprise from the girl who's been known for her extra-long locks for as long as we can remember.
Apparently she's always wanted to do it (watch the proof here), and now she's finally taken the plunge. The freshly sheared starlet was all smiles on Twitter, posting plenty of photos and warding off haters. While we'll miss that luscious length, we think she looks pretty cute — and she's obviously thrilled! We're so used to seeing Miley as a pop princess, this edgy look is refreshing and, hopefully, indicative of more great things to come (not that "Party In The USA" could ever be topped).
What do you think of Miley's 'do? Can she pull it off or did you like her strands better before?
Image: via @MileyCyrus.

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