Drew Barrymore’s Doing A Beauty Line…For Wal-Mart?

Drew Barrymore and rom-coms. Drew Barrymore and long, floral dresses. Drew Barrymore and iconic blonde haircuts. These are all things that go together naturally. Drew Barrymore and Wal-Mart...not so much. But the mega-star (and new mother) is reportedly eyeing a makeup line for the mass budget retailer, just as soon as her CoverGirl contract is up, which is rumored to be in January.
WWD reports she may be collaborating with Italian cosmetics supplier, Intercos. Procter & Gamble (CoverGirl's parent company) won't actually say when Barrymore's contract is up or whether she has plans to extend it, but multiple reports are confirming she's looking to break out on her own. And while we don't always have the greatest faith in random celebrity lines, this is one we trust: During her time as a CoverGirl spokeswoman, Barrymore was not only the face of the brand but also deeply involved in the campaign planning and direction. This might be the final temptation to force us to hop a train out of NYC and check out a Wal-Mart once in a while! (WWD)

Photo: Courtesy of CoverGirl