Liberty Ross Gets Cryptic About KStew Debacle In Alex Wang Video

Ha! You thought this whole Kristen Stewart love quadrangle/cheating scandal was over and you could finally rest without being bombarded with Twihard news. Wrong, so wrong, you silly thing. Not if Alexander Wang has anything to do with it. The designer, known for his penchant for It Girls and celebrities (both as models and unnofficial spokespeople-cum-worshippers), raised the bar in a "confessional" video with Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert Sanders and, depending how you look at it, the winner or loser in the whole scandal.
The video is full of cryptic hints, which may or may not have anything to do with anything. But there's no doubt that Wang & Co. knew exactly which conclusions people would jump. It's an interesting approach, especially in contrast with Balenciaga, which has completely and carefully avoided the issue. The luxury brand's Florabotanica fragrance campaign was already on the books months before any of the news of the scandal broke, but the publicity team could've easily added a salacious spin ad hoc. On the other hand, nobody saw it coming when Wang booked Ross — a model who hadn't done major runway work in years — to walk in his always high-profile show during the height of the media frenzy. We're guessing it was no coincidence. (Opposing Views)
Watch the video and tell us — does it turn you off that Wang is so blatantly capitalizing on this scandal? Does it all seem a little too contrived (as we've noted before)? Or, are you SO over it and more interested in getting your hands on the new collection?

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