John Cusack Reenacts Scene From Say Anything, Hearts Everywhere Explode

Look, this world is far from perfect. But, every now and then, someone reminds us that there is harmony, love, and kindness — and they appear most often in the form of Lloyd Dobler. Should you not know who Lloyd Dobler is, we can wait for you to rent Say Anything, have your heart stolen, realize this may be the greatest romantic comedy of all time, and come back. It's okay, we'll still be here.
The most iconic scene of the movie features a very handsome John Cusack holding up a boom box outside of Sky's house, proving his love to her. Playing from it is Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," and suddenly, the song became immortalized by the '80s, sweet teenage love, and romance above all. *Sobs*
So, when Peter Gabriel played Los Angeles recently, John Cusack relived the epic moment by bringing a boom box onto the stage and presenting Mr. Gabriel with it. He bows, dances off stage, and literally makes thousands of hearts palpitate at once. Well played, Mr. Cusack. Well played, indeed.
Now, excuse us, we are going to finish watching this epic, albeit shaky performance of the classic tune.
Photo: Via 20th Century Fox

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