Get Your Credit Cards Ready! Facebook Launches A New Shopping Feature

Ever felt like just writing "happy B-day" on your friends' walls was not enough? Well, now you can show them you really love them, the American way: spending money! The social network par excellence has launched a new service that allows users to purchase, give, and ship gifts to friends. This new feature may signal Facebook’s long-rumored ambition to move into e-commerce.
Soon, the option to "Give a Gift" will appear in the birthday reminder section of your newsfeed. You'll also be able to click on a gift tab on your friends' timelines. You can add a card with a message to the gift, and while they recipient will be notified immediately, you can pay on the spot or later on.
Of course, the user has the option not to receive the gift, but if they should do you the honor of accepting, they can give any address they want and even choose a different size, color, or style. Et voilà! The gift is delivered to the friend’s doorstep in days.
The most logical next step would be for Facebook to launch an out-and-out e-commerce site. If you can buy a gift for a friend, why not purchase a lil’ something for yourself? Considering the demographic data that it holds on its users, Facebook would certainly have a lock on the market. But for now, let’s just be happy that we will be able to send our BFFs something special — whether they're slightly wary of what may come or not. (WWD)

Image via WWD

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