Gangnam Goes High Fashion: Psy & Jill Stuart Team Up (Maybe)

It’s no secret that we love Internet sensations (we swear, we're not trying to kill time at work), but this is something straight out of our wackiest dreams and/or craziest nightmares: K-Pop megastar Psy and Jill Stuart are collaborating...maybe
Yesterday, Jill Stuart posted a video on its YouTube channel entitled “Psy Gets Gangnam x New York Style.” It features Psy strutting down the Jill Stuart catwalk, ponying, and well, we aren’t exactly sure what to call the other dance moves. In a voiceover, Psy gives us what might be our new favorite catchphrase, “Dress classy, dance cheesy.”
According to Fashionista, Gangnam x New York will only be available in Asia and “isn’t from the Jill Stuart collection.” While we’re still confused as to what this means, we can’t wait to witness the (style) battle between Gangnam and NYC. Watch the video (over and over) and pick a side: New York? Or Gangnam? (Racked)

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