Shoulda Known: Ryan Lochte Planning A Show For Next Fashion Week

We like to think that we're just covering Ryan Lochte ironically or something, but frankly, he's becoming such a standard part of the Internet news cycle that we're being forced to reconsider. After meeting the man behind the grill, we can't help but take him slightly more seriously and admit to the fact that he's not just a character on blogs but an actual person — who wants to design a clothing line and show it next Fashion Week, at that.
Surprised? It's not the first time he's hinted at the ambition, but Buzzfeed has the proof in writing. While Lochte's not quite certain whether or not the industry will accept him, he says he's "talked to designers, and they helped me out and gave me insight." And apparently that insight was enough to give this Olympian the fashion bug, because he actually says, "Hopefully you’ll see my line next year at Fashion Week."
It's funny that a Florida resident whose chief photo-op attire for the last few months has consisted of a Speedo and a pair of goggles is suddenly a fixture — if not a fully welcomed one — on the New York fashion scene. Lochte makes the dangerous claim that his collection won't follow trends, which is a good thing if he's breaking the mold...and a bad thing if he's just showing a bunch of black diamond necklaces, blazers and sand-blasted jeans.
Does Lochte stand a chance in the dog-eat-dog world of fashion, or should he quit while he's ahead?

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