This Kids' State Dinner Is Way Cuter Than The Average Kiddie Tea Party

If you were anything like us growing up, the most exciting guest of honor at your tea parties was probably a Cabbage Patch Kid. We definitely weren't as lucky as the 54 children who got to spend the day with Michelle Obama at the first-ever White House Kids’ State Dinner. The prez himself even crashed the party and celebrated with the young guests, who were all winners of a national healthy recipe challenge.
Even though this shindig went down at lunchtime, it had all the grandeur of a typical State Dinner. Held in the East Room, the children were announced as they entered, ate off the Reagan china, and were even interviewed by reporters (we can't wait to see that footage!). On the menu? A selection of the winning recipes, including “Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes" — which is definitely not what we were serving at our own little soirees. (Huffington Post)
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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