Watch: Everything You Thought About The Hunger Games But Refused To Admit

It's not very often we come across truly poignant, thought-provoking commentary on social injustice, Darwinian theory, and "second-rate Lady Gagas" the context of blockbuster hits, anyway.
But then, we watched The Hunger Games Honest Trailer. Questioning everything from the chemistry between the lead actors to Peeta's ridiculous cake-decorating skills, this scathing video leaves no absurd rock of movie production left unturned. With an amazing voiceover, watch this trailer possibly confirm everything you thought about the movie but didn't want to accept (in fear of losing your Hunger Games super-fan status).
As die-hard HG fans, ourselves, we admit the video is a bit brutal, but as media dedicated to shedding light on the truth (and good comedy), we can't help but agree with a lot of what's being said. Yes, wannabe Mr. Moviefone, Gale is that good-looking. But more importantly, the hilarious trailer sheds light on the bigger question of how much the movie really does fall short of the genius that is the best-selling novel. (Buzzfeed)
At the very least, this video serves as a guaranteed laugh. But tell us if there's not even one observation here that you agree with...not even around minute mark 1:10?