Craigslist Ad Asks For Roommate/Pretend Girlfriend/Chef

Unless you're lucky enough to own that fifth-floor walk-up in "East Williamsburg," you know that the average New Yorker is pretty much always on the lookout for an apartment. We're no exception, and as a result we've seen more than our fair share of weird stuff on Craigslist. From straight-up serial-killer fare to hipsters seeing hipsters, the Craig never fails to amuse. So, consider this the latest addition to the list: One Gawker reader came across an ad for a roommate/pretend girlfriend, which dances on a fine line between HAHALOL and creepy.
The ad requests a young lady to sublet a room in a man's apartment. Okay, sure. But she has to pretend to be his girlfriend — only to keep things smooth with the landlord — no sex stuff, not even hand-holding, he promises! Okay, maybe. But this lucky lady will also have the immense honor of being allowed to cook for her new fake boyfriend...if (and only if) she's a "modest" eater and a good cook. Sounds like the deal of a lifetime!
But ladies, if you're thinking of responding to this enticing ad, remember: "If interested, please e-mail an introduction along with your photo (remember, we must look the part of a couple and so you can't be a 60-year-old midget — sorry to have to put it that way but I can't think of a politically correct way of emphasizing the requirements of the situation)." That's right. He literally could not think of any other way to say it. (Gawker)
Is this the weirdest thing you've seen on Craigslist? Or, is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Image via Craigslist.

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