Touché: Liberty Ross' Response To The Kristen Stewart Drama

Whether or not you care about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman (we're on the fence), there's no doubt it's one of the wildest, most melodramatic scandals we've seen in a while.
What with K. Stew's suspiciously candid response and the fact that so many of the involved parties are even acknowledging it, this feels like a bit of a publicity stunt...but there's one response in the mix that actually has the shrill, harsh ring of authenticity to it. Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert Sanders and the woman most hurt by the whole scenario, posted this pic on her now-defunct Instagram account (her Twitter's gone, too) with the caption "Not so pretty or so pure after all..." Ouch! Is it wrong that we sort of feel the thrill of vindication, seeing it? Actually we know it's wrong, but we're trying to be honest, here.
How about you? Do you think anything goes when you're on the wrong end of an illicit affair, or is this just mean?
Photo: Liberty Ross' Instagram via @ErikTLA.

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