Disappointing: Survey Says...Women Are Prouder Of Boobs Than Brains

According to a surprisingly eye-opening survey conducted by the Lil-Lets We Are Women campaign, women feel the sexiest at age 28 and the most confident at age 32. That statistic seems to indicate that we're coming to value age and experience more so than we have in the past, and are recognizing that confidence doesn't necessarily have to come from sexuality (although it can). However, the rest of the survey is a bit less reassuring.
2,000 women in the U.K. were surveyed, but only 50% felt proud of their figures. And a terrifyingly low 13% were most proud of their brains, compared to 23% who felt their eyes were their best feature (with boobs coming in a close second at 20%). The worst part of all? The women surveyed said that the "best part about being a woman" is getting dressed up, wearing heels, and makeup. We're all about valuing our bodies and our sexuality, and we're the first to encourage fashion as a form of self-expression (plus, it's fun, and we love that). However, these stats, as a whole, paint a very one-dimensional picture of modern women.
The most disturbing thing about these findings is the fact that the women, who probably care a lot more about intelligence and depth of character than this survey reflects, probably didn't realize how cliché these responses sound. Though we're not sure how the questions were originally worded, we can kind of imagine ourselves getting caught up in the same stereotypes without realizing that these responses don't truthfully reflect the full spectrum of our priorities.
We don't feel like women should have to choose between valuing appearances (and enjoying looking their best in the process) and intellect, and we're pretty sure most of the 2,000 women who participated in this survey agree. So, why is it that the numbers suggest the opposite? Is this the result of a not-so-progressive id subliminally dictating answers, is it the way women have been conditioned to think, or is it just a case of misrepresentation? (Huffington Post)
We're curious to know if other women feel this way deep down, or if you think these responses (and the way they're being presented) are misleading. Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Photo: Courtesy of Lil-Lets.

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