Giorgio Armani Makes Batsuits For The Dark Knight

Giorgio Armani is once again helping Batman look smooth off the job. The designer provided (what else?) pin-striped two-button suits for Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine, as well as accessories for Anne Hathaway. Costume designer Linda Hemming helped out with the monumental task of outfitting the biggest names in Gotham, and she and Armani worked together to establish "Wayne's elegant, tailored look in contrast to his iconic Batman persona," says Hemming to WWD.
Brucey boy looks like your typical Wall Street hotshot in the pinstripes and slicked-back hair, and that's just fine with us — a facade of narcissism is the best disguise for a hero-by-night. As if we weren't excited enough for the premiere (see you at midnight!), a bit of Armani is putting us over the edge. The best part? All the suits bear the custom label "Giorgio Armani for Bruce Wayne," and not the other way around. (WWD)
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

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