Yup, Even Your Fashion Choices Now Come With A Side Of Politics

A variety of considerations typically factor into our shopping decisions — before we add duds to our wardrobe, we usually consider fit, price, and, of course, how much we really need that new Alex Wang. One thing that doesn't normally make our checklist: the designer's political affiliations. But, according to The Daily Beast , shoppers this year are more and more concerned about whether labels lean red or blue. And, thanks to fashion heavy-hitters like Anna Wintour, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren, brands are choosing Barack Obama more often than not — leaving the Romney-backers out in the cold.
While we're skeptical as to whether a designer's candidate of choice truly affects a consumer's decision to buy or not to buy, we do agree that Fashion Avenue doesn't seem to leave much room for dissent. Everywhere we look, there's a famous face praising Obama (Sarah Jessica Parker, for starters), so it's no wonder that style stars are feeling the pressure to get on the bandwagon.
What do you think: Is a designer's ballot behavior important to you, or is the Democrat versus Republican argument better left in the Capitol? (Jezebel)
Photo: Via Jezebel

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