Rihanna’s New Reality-Contest Show Actually Looks Cool

Look, let's just all admit that we've seen every episode of Project Runway approximately 10 million times, okay? Now that's cleared up, we can all freely gush about how excited we are for Rihanna's new show, Styled To Rock. Ever since Project Runway blew up, there's been all too many B-list fashion contest shows, but this one has more than one edge to it. First off, it's hosted by Rihanna, whom we can all agree is capital-A Awesome. Second, instead of the same tired drama of OMG how is so-and-so going to have time to sew 50 rose appliqués to that model's butt in 10 minutes, this show focuses not only on design but also on styling — a crucial but often overlooked sector of the fashion industry. The winning contestant will get the chance to design a one-of-a-kind outfit for RiRi herself. Rihanna will be co-hosting with her stylist Lysa Cooper and Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud, who will be joined by a number of other as-yet-unnamed musicians.
We have an inkling of hope that this will be slightly more real than some of the other super-scripted reality shows out there. After all, Rihanna knows more about the importance of styling than anyone, as her wardrobe has evolved from baggy jeans and belly tops to the controversial style star we know and love today. Not to mention we're more than a bit greedy for anything resembling a candid glimpse of this relatively elusive pop star. So yes, we're all around pretty psyched for this. The one problem? It's only airing in the U.K. Downer. (The Huffington Post)
All-American Rihanna fans, will you resort to scouring the web for episodes of Styled to Rock?

Video via The Huffington Post.

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