Why It's Cool For A 13-Year-Old Boy To Hold His Mom's Hand

While it's not quite the terrible twos, those teenage years are notoriously difficult when it comes to relationships with Mom and Dad. But, judging by the latest runway airport picture of Victoria Beckham (her travel agent must be especially loose-lipped) en famille, temper tantrums seem to be about as rare as a copy of her sadly under-appreciated single "This Groove." In an "aww" moment, paparazzi spotted Posh arriving at LAX with her 13-year-old son, Brooklyn, tightly holding her hand.
Sure, we don't always gush over inter-family affection (cue Stephanie Seymour's strange PDA with son Peter), but we're giving props to this domestic scene (and how cute is Becks with Harper?!). Brooklyn knows the significance of the photographers — these pics could end up in a tabloid, his friends may see him holding hands with Mom (eww! gross!), potential girl crushes might snigger — and he helps his mother anyway. We've said it before and we'll say it again — this soccer-loving clan seems like one of the healthiest in Hollywood. Granted, most parental units don't walk around in terrifying stilettos, but, that said, we'd like to think that when/if we do, our potential teenage kid would give us a literal hand. Are you feeling our cute vibes, too, or are you creeped out by this flaunting of the whole British stiff-upper-lip thing? (The Sun)
Photo: Via The Sun.

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