Anna Dello Russo: "If I Do Not Get Photographed, I Will Be Miserable"

Anna Dello Russo is both an inspiration and a source of confusion; we applaud her looks as often as we scratch our heads about it, but it's clear that of all the people who love fashion in the world, she might love it — the clothes, the people, and the culture — the most. In return, the street style cameras love her the most, compelling Anna to bring some of the fiercest street-style game to Fashion Week, sometimes changing outfits as many times as thrice a day.
Says ADR about this symbiotic relationship: "In the beginning it was a little embarrassing. But sometimes, now I think: 'Oh, if I do not get photographed I will be miserable,' or 'Oh my god, the outfit does not work any more.' In a way, I enjoy that the new generation watches me: It gives me confidence."
Still, don't think that getting photographed is her greatest source of joy: "For me, a show is the best moment of my job. It's like going to church — it helps you keep the faith." (The Telegraph)
Photo: Courtesy of Telegraph/Getty

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