Agyness Deyn Got Married... To Giovanni Ribisi? Wait? What?

Maybe we haven't been keeping up on our model gossip — we do have a web site to run, after all — but we didn't even know imported British biscuit Agyness Deyn was dating Phoebe's brother Cali-based actor Giovanni Ribisi, until we heard, just moments ago, that the two were married this past week. Seems Ribisi and Deyn — who's dated a clutch of hipster hotties including Albert Hammond Jr. — were caught by an onlooker making out in line for a marriage license at the L.A. County Registrar’s Office. Busted.
Details are scarce, but Ribisi's people have subsequently confirmed that the two are wed and the eyewitness who blew up their spot says the actor claimed they had been together for, "a while." Cute, if unexpected, and so, so unlike so many other big-ticket model weddings we've seen lately. Good luck, you crazy kids. (Huffington Post)
Photo: via Crown City News.

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