25 Gadgets With Extreme Style

Accessorizing in the Digital Age means so much more than stacking bangles on your wrists and throwing on that striped Prada stole you gave your left kidney for. Any self-respecting fashion obsessive knows that a person's techie toys need to be just as stylish as everything else they own. With all the time we spend blogging, Tweeting, sending emails, downloading MP3s, snapping photos, and intensely Facebook-stalking other people’s photos, it’s clear our gadgets are getting to be as important as our ever-expanding shoe collections. We’ve style-stalked the best of what’s out there, from kid-friendly to totally innovative, with lots of strange and wonderful things in-between. Our top 25 picks of the most fabulous, functional, and design-driven techie items are sure to keep you occupied, at least until that mythical iPhone 5 gets released…

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