Roxy and JBL Make Headphones And Speakers For All Your Outdoor Adventures

Now that the weather's warmed way, way up, we're more than ready to spend plenty of time outdoors. Besides sunscreen, a big blanket, and a cooler, a good set of headphones and a portable speaker are absolute musts for lounging around under the sun. To fill this need, Roxy and JBL teamed up to create a line of headphones and portable speakers that are not only high-quality, portable, and light, but also super-cute as well. Featuring both on-ear and in-ear headphones in black and white stripes and pink and yellow gradient, the duo also released a portable music player that plugs into your iPod or iPhone, as well as a loudspeaker dock that works with all iPhones, iPads, MP3 and CD players, desktops, and laptops. Both speaker systems come in black and white stripes and weigh less than a pound, so you can easily chuck them in your bag and bring them camping, to your outdoor yoga session, or wherever else you pretty little legs will carry you this summer.

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